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Predictive & Preventive Maintenance

Midstate Mechanical provides a comprehensive range of HVAC and other mechanical system services. Simply put, we assure our customers:

Midstate offers comprehensive predictive and preventive maintenance programs for:

Our programs are specifically designed to minimize system downtime, reduce equipment repairs, optimize productivity, and lower energy consumption costs.

Our staff’s required, ongoing technical and management training assures our clients the highest level of experience and expertise from our team. Midstate assigns a primary technician to each customer to assure personalized service.

Our computerized maintenance scheduling and cost-control programs take the guesswork out of maintenance, insuring your systems receive the right maintenance at the right time by right people.

Each customer account is customized with specific call-handling instructions and contact information to immediately dispatch technical staff to address customer concerns.

Return on Investment is a critical component in any business decision, and the decision to purchase a maintenance solution is critical to the long-term asset value of your facility. We set ourselves apart by providing our customers a true, quantifiable financial and operational analysis of their current situation to help them understand the ROI value of their decision.

Midstate’s Service Group provides field expertise, supervision and management, to implement, monitor, manage and report the services provided at your facility, supplying you the valuable information you need to perform budget and other financial analyses.

Midstate’s service programs are customized to meet the specific needs of your staff and facility. Typical programs include the following: