On-Site & Customized Facility Management Solutions

Midstate Mechanical is a provider of on-site facility management services and customized facility solutions.

Midstate’s capabilities include technical operations and maintenance, facility support services, facility subcontract management and site-related administrative and office services.

Midstate utilizes its technical knowledge, in-depth experience, performance measurement programs and customized facility operating plans to achieve optimal facility performance and cost savings for its customers.

We provide a single-source solution for your facility and mechanical systems needs, consolidating the scope of maintenance services, including predictive and preventive maintenance and repairs to the HVAC and mechanical systems with building engineering: including small repairs, light bulb change-outs, electrical, plumbing, paint touch-ups, fire and life safety equipment, subcontractor management, and more.

Each client account is customized with specific call-handling instructions and contact information to immediately dispatch technical and maintenance staff to address customer concerns.

We recruit, employ, train and manage the facility maintenance staff for your commercial or public facility relieving you of these management obligations.

Our computerized maintenance scheduling and cost-control programs take the guesswork out of maintenance, insuring your systems receive the right maintenance at the right time by right people.

The Facility Services team makes safety and training a priority. In addition, our staff’s required, ongoing technical and management training assures our clients the highest level of experience and expertise.