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Delivery Methods

At Midstate Mechanical, we organize our teams around our clients’ needs to meet the unique expectations of a particular client or project type. Our project teams understand our clients’ business needs, as well as their project goals and operational priorities.

To that end, our teams are supported with extensive resources for estimating, scheduling, equipment management, accounting, information services, communications and administrative assistance. They are also equipped with industry-leading technology, including system balancing, point-to-point control system testing, commissioning and performance, and operational stabilization.

Our approach to projects provides a single-source solution, taking total responsibility for every aspect of the project, from concept through final occupancy. Learn more about our extensive and customizable mechanical services and construction capabilities:

Our design-build approach lets us offer clients a guaranteed maximum price in the schematic design phase, rather than waiting for the final contract documents phase. 

This “fast-tracking” approach allows us to compress construction schedules, generally reducing the entire design and construction process by 20-30 percent of the time required for traditional building methods. 

These up-front and ongoing conversations alleviate the problem of clients selecting a desired design and then later discovering it will cost too much to fully implement. Fast-tracking not only makes us more efficient, but also saves our clients both time and money.

When it comes to CM at Risk projects, Midstate has a proven track record of maintaining project budget and schedule. Involving Midstate early brings commitment and collaboration from the beginning and creates improved opportunities for cost savings. 

More collaboration at an early stage allows the general contractor to be more comfortable in providing a realistic budget to the owner. Midstate Mechanical understands the importance of developing an accurate budget, and we have significant experience serving in this capacity on projects of differing sizes and complexity.

Many projects that don’t have early expertise experience budget overruns, and value engineering is recommended after the fact. This creates rework, adds costs, and often delays construction for redesign.

We are confident that, if brought in early, we can meet or beat the set price. With our proactive approach, Midstate Mechanical can help general contractors and owners meet project budget requirements and deliver the most efficient, cost effective, and highest level of service.

Midstate’s Operational Support team works hand-in-hand to ensure each customer’s specific needs are met on a continual basis. Whether it’s specialized billing needs, critical equipment awareness, special access instructions, or sensitive environments, Midstate is prepared to exceed expectations.

Each customer account is customized with specific call-handling instructions and contact information to immediately dispatch technical or maintenance staff to address customer concerns.

Midstate utilizes the most advanced computerized preventive maintenance and work order management systems available, including:

  • Task management and scheduling
  • Detailed equipment inventory and profiles
  • Equipment history logs
  • Fully customizable reporting functions
  • Monitoring and updating of tasks by Midstate’s management team

Using proven and effective processes to coordinate all Midstate activities, our supervisors become an integral part of your management team. Midstate employs experienced supervision at various touch points to oversee all aspects of the services provided at your facility.