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Measurable and Accountable

Midstate’s Operational Support Services are the backbone of the Service Group. While these team members are often behind-the-scenes, their knowledge and expertise are part of our customers’ day-to-day service experience with Midstate.

Each customer account is customized with specific call-handling instructions and contact information to immediately dispatch technical or maintenance staff to address customer concerns.

Midstate utilizes the most advanced computerized preventive maintenance and work order management systems available including:

Midstate’s operations support team works hand-in-hand to ensure each customer’s specific needs are met on a continual basis. Whether it’s specialized billing needs, critical equipment awareness, special access instructions, or sensitive environments, Midstate is prepared to exceed your expectations in any situation.

Using proven and effective processes to coordinate all Midstate activities, our supervisors become an integral part of your management team. Midstate employs experienced supervision at various touch points to oversee all aspects of the services provided at your facility.