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Giving Shape To Vision

Midstate Mechanical’s in-house CAD professionals work in partnership with the general contractor, architect, and engineer to help insure operational efficiency, code compliance and comprehensive documents.

Midstate uses the latest state-of-the-art versions of AutoCAD, Architectural desktop and CADduct/CADMech to produce high-quality, detailed drawings for our clients. This software provides excellent graphic representation of HVAC, pipe installation drawings and coordination feasibility. The software consists of Est Duct for estimating, Cadduct/CAD Mechanical for the duct and piping and CadCam for shop fabrication. All are completed in an AutoCAD format for coordination between other trades as well as the structure. All are tied into the same database for processing through estimating to our shop where it is processed through our coil line/plasma tables for the duct and pipe to our prefabrication shop and finally to our docks for shipping. Midstate’s unique CAD system allows us to coordinate and preplan projects saving 10% to 20% of actual field manpower labor.

This process can be accomplished in a short duration, and affords us the ability to view the installation long before construction begins. Large problems and small details become very clear and can then be addressed during the detailing phase. This assures a clean, easily maintained space that is critical to operation and owner satisfaction. The hidden beauty of this system is the automatic generation of material and spool sheets from the finished detailed shop drawings. In the sheet metal division, we can be certain of accurate estimates up front, and can order materials and parts long before fabrication has begun.

The CAD process is an accurate and precise 3D model designing program that minimizes RFI’s, project delays, and conflicting areas at the beginning stages before construction starts. CAD verifies the designed mechanical systems physically fit in the architectural and structural confines of the building.

BIM — Building information modeling

Building information modeling (BIM) saves construction costs, saves time and improves accuracy. There has never been a better opportunity for architects, owners, and contractors to work together to reinvent and streamline the building design and delivery process.

Midstate Mechanical understands the significance of team collaboration in a project’s success. We utilize BIM by drawing in 3D and coordinating in 3D to avoid collisions and provide a virtual information model that allows us to work out problems before construction ever begins. BIM can greatly decrease errors and inform team members about parts of the building in conflict or clashing. This error reduction is a great part of the cost savings realized by all members of a project. Reduced time to complete construction directly contributes to the cost savings as well.

Midstate offers the following key areas utilizing BIM: