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Plain and simple, we value learning. Midstate is devoted to being a leader in the mechanical industry, and the key component to the success of this goal is the responsibility of each and every employee. Midstate’s devotion to training encourages all personnel to have training commensurate with their responsibilities, as required to perform their work in a competent and safe manner.

The Midstate Training Center provides employees with a list of skills that are required for each position within the company and matches the appropriate courses to obtain those skills. The skills obtained through courses and experience gained through time will give employees the ability to advance in their career.

The purpose of Midstate Mechanical’s Training Center is intended to guide job-related training, as differentiated from general educational opportunities, continuing education, and personal development.

Midstate’s Training Center provides employees with a career path, listing skills required for each position; to encourage higher education, aid in career advancement, and the achievement of overall success.