Our approach provides a single-source solution, taking total responsibility for every aspect of the project, from concept through final occupancy. Decisions are made in real time, working with clients from the very beginning, simultaneously offering design, testing and pricing options.

Design Build and Design Assist

The design-build approach allows us to effectively use “fast-tracking” to compress construction schedules, which generally reduces the entire design and construction process by 20-30 percent of the time required for traditional building methods. We’re able to offer clients a guaranteed maximum price in the schematic design phase, rather than in the final contract documents phase. These up-front and ongoing conversations alleviate the problem of clients selecting a wonderful design and then later finding out it will cost too much to fully implement. Fast-tracking not only makes us more efficient, but also saves our clients both time and money.

Construction Management at Risk

When it comes to CM at Risk projects, Midstate has a proven track-record of maintaining project budget and schedule. Involving Midstate early brings commitment and gets people working together from the beginning. In addition it offers the opportunity for extensive cost savings. More collaboration at an early project phase, allows the general contractor to be more comfortable in providing a realistic budget to the owner. Midstate Mechanical understands the importance of developing an accurate budget. We have significant experience serving in this capacity on a variety of different projects, varying in size and complexity.

We are confident, if brought in early we can meet or beat the set price. Midstate Mechanical can deliver the most efficient, cost effective service when utilized in this proactive approach.

Many projects that don’t have early expertise, experience budget overruns and value engineering is recommended after the fact. This creates rework, added costs and often delays to construction for redesign.

In an effort to continue to give our clients the best possible service, we recommend this proactive approach. Midstate Mechanical can help general contractors and owners meet project budget requirements and deliver the highest level of service.