Our Mission Statement

As a leader in the commercial mechanical industry and construction community, Midstate Mechanical devotes its management resources to insure the safest, highest quality, on-time construction services possible. Through determination of management and teamwork with all concerned parties, we will strive to achieve the highest level of perfection, exceeding all expectations.

Midstate Mechanical’s Fundamental Values and Beliefs:

  • Integrity – We conduct all business with the highest standards of honesty and fairness; we can be trusted, we keep our word and can be counted on to do the right thing. We recognize a strong team can achieve much more than an individual ever could.
  • Enjoyment – We believe work should be fun and intrinsically satisfying; we enjoy camaraderie on the job. We take our work seriously, but not ourselves and we can adapt easily and roll with the punches.
  • Uniqueness – We must be different from and more progressive than all other construction companies. We are curious, with inquisitive minds and we constantly look for ways to improve safety, productivity and quality.
  • Growing – We believe in continual self-initiated change, improvement, learning and the advancement of standards for their own sake.
  • Decisive – We are tough-minded and willing to take calculated risks. We are quick to correct problems and respond to opportunities and challenges.
  • Leaders – We are leaders who plan ahead, set goals and clearly communicate expectations. We recognize and reinforce good performance and we demonstrate our own “can-do” attitudes.
  • Focused – We are focused and persistent. We are impatient with mediocrity and have an overriding sense of urgency.