Category: Industrial/Lab
Project Title: Lockheed Martin Goodyear
Project Designation: Industrial/Lab Projects
Owner: Lockheed Martin
General Contractor: Midstate Mechanical
Architect: Midstate Mechanical
Engineer: Midstate Mechanical

Lockheed Martin Goodyear

Project Description: Midstate Mechanical was selected by Lockheed Martin to centralize the distributed chilled water load at the Goodyear campus. The project scope included eliminating 15-20 small chiller plants and installing a large packaged central plant and tying them all together on one hydronic loop. Two additional buildings also received centralized chilled plants by tying distributed loads to existing plants. Lockheed is a defense contractor with very sensitive work being performed. Midstate coordinated overnight shutdowns with no interruption to daily operations.

Category: Industrial/Lab
Project Title: Cessna Citation Mesa Gateway Airport
Project Designation: Industrial/Lab Projects
Owner: Cessna Aircraft Company
General Contractor: The Law Company, Inc.
Architect: Carter Burgess
Engineer: Carter Burgess

Cessna Citation Mesa

Project Description: Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport in Mesa, Arizona is one of the fastest growing airports in the Valley due to the increase air travel in the state. The Law Company and Cessna chose Midstate Mechanical, Inc. due to our reputation in the Valley. The project consisted of office and manufacturing repair areas including an aircraft high performance parts paint booth. The hangar area was fed by mezzanine custom air handlers. The IT department had computer room A/C units and all chilled water was distributed from a packaged central plant, the project also included rooftop air handlers.

Category: Industrial/Lab
Project Title: USDA Agriculture Research Center
Project Designation: Research Lab
Owner: U.S. Department of Agriculture, ARS
General Contractor: Core Construction
Architect: Smith Group
Engineer: Smith Group

USDA Agriculture Research Center

Project Description: Midstate was selected for this $3.2 million (mechanical), 98,000 square foot new research facility with offices and laboratories for the Department of Agriculture. The project consisted of several single-story buildings. Unique aspects of the project include PVC ductwork for duct collection system serving the moth room and polyethylene duct for the greenhouse. Process chilled water used for the building through HTX in the penthouse, two 12,000 cfm air handlers for the lab building. The building is 100% OSA and supply air is exhausted through air valves. The greenhouse is air cooled by CHW HHW air handlers and evaporative coolers. The remainder of the building is conditioned through air handler units.

Category: Industrial/Lab
Project Title: Midwestern University Research Lab
Project Designation: Negotiated, Lab
Owner: Midwestern University
General Contractor: Chanen Construction
Architect: DWL Architects
Engineer: LSW Engineering

Midwestern University Research Lab

Project Description: Midstate Mechanical has performed work on the Midwestern University campus for over 10 years. Midstate’s knowledge of the campus and extensive experience in mechanical services made them an ideal choice for the new research facility. The 32,500 square foot research lab included the installation of laboratory control valves and chilled water system.