2015-2016 Employee Benefits Summary

Midstate would like to welcome you to our team!

Full time employees will be eligible for insurance coverage. All plans are available to the employee plus eligible dependents. The eligibility date for benefits allotted is based on the level of the employee within the organization.

Our plan year runs from March 1, 2015 to February 29, 2016.

Health Insurance — Midstate currently offers an Open Access Plan with United Healthcare, one of the leaders in the health insurance and wellness industries. To help meet the needs of our employees and their families, we are pleased to offer three medical plans this year. All three plans offer pretax savings. You will be provided with an enrollment packet as you come closer to your eligibility date. Visit www.myuhc.com for more information.

Dental Insurance — Midstate advocates bright smiles and offers a low cost dental insurance plan with pretax savings to employees and their eligible dependents. To learn more, visit Principal’s website: www.principal.com.

Vision — Additionally through Principal, you will now be able to elect vision insurance for you and your eligible dependents. To learn more detailed information, visit www.principal.com.

Enhanced Optional Life Insurance / AD&D — You may also purchase life and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance for yourself and your eligible family members. These enhanced insurance options permit a one-time non-medical enrollment for employee, spouse and dependents of up to $100,000 for employee, $30,000 for spouse and $20,000 for children. To learn more visit www.principal.com.

Short Term and Long Term Disability Insurance — Employees have the option to purchase low cost short term and long term disability insurance. These are salary continuation programs that pay a portion of an employee’s while off work due to an off-the-job injury or illness. In addition, these programs provide financial incentives for you to return to work even on a part-time basis. To learn more about long term and short term disability insurance visit www.principal.com.

401K Plan — Our 401(k) savings/retirement plan offers employees the advantage to save on a pre-tax basis or after-tax with our Roth 401(k) retirement plan. With a variety of investment options to choose from, Midstate offers the services of a retirement specialist who can lend a hand in helping you make the best selection for your individual needs. The company matches 25% of an employee’s contribution up to 10% of the contribution and employees are 100% vested after 6 years. To learn more visit www.jhpensions.com. This option is available to all employees over the age of 21 who have completed a year of service.

Paid Time Off — Midstate provides a paid time off benefit that provides the employee with more flexible arrangements and gives the employee a set amount of days off to be used at the employee’s discretion. These days combine traditional vacation and sick day plans into a single “bank” of days that can be used for sick time, personal days, vacations, or for whatever reason the employee may need time off.

The amount of paid time off days allotted is based on years of service and the level of the employee within the organization. Please refer to your employee handbook for more information on this benefit.

Paid Holidays — Midstate encourages an enriched balanced life and supports an employee’s enrichment by providing paid holidays to enjoy personal time away from work. The eligibility date for this benefit is based on the level of the employee within the organization. Please refer to your employee handbook for more information on this benefit.

Other Benefits

  • Sales Incentive
  • Jury Duty Pay
  • Bereavement Pay
  • Training Program
  • Company Vehicle (if applicable)
  • Auto & Gas Allowance (if applicable)
  • Safety Program

You will receive a packet with detailed information and pricing regarding your insurance benefits prior to your eligibility date. We are pleased to offer you these benefits and we are happy that you have joined the Midstate team!